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Run Your Own Advertising Site
And You'll Get To Keep

100% Of The Profits...



Our sites are VERY easy to run so

NO EXPERIENCE is required!


All necessary directions to setup and run
your site are located in your admin area.





You will receive INSTANT access to your admin area!

You will receive INSTANT access to your admin area!

You will receive INSTANT access to your admin area!

You will receive INSTANT access to your admin area!




If there are no sites available to lease, or you just don't

like any of the available sites, or you just want your own

personalized site, then we would be glad to build you a

brand new site from scratch for the same $36.00 per year

as our pre-built sites are currently priced at.


All that is required from you is the name of your site, and a

subheadline, or catch phrase, for your site, if possible.

We will then create a sub domain on TAEHost.com for your site.


We will create a basic graphics set for your site, which will

include the header, footer, a 600x300 banner, a 468x60

banner, and a 125x125 banner.


Please note that you also have the option of paying a

professional graphics designer to create the sites graphics

listed above. We think our graphics are pretty good, but we

do not claim to be professional graphics designers ;-).



For more information, or to lease a custom-made site,
please email us at:





A Paypal and/or Payza account is required to receive payments.

It is highly recommended that you use Payza, as Paypal has apparently decided to no longer do business with traffic exchanges, ad exchanges, viral mailers, etc.

You can accept Paypal payments, but, Paypal may block your account until you remove all references to their name from the site. This could take days, weeks, or months for them to block you. Or, maybe never.
We have removed all references to Paypal throughout the site, so you would simply need to switch your settings to accept Payza, and then apply to Payza to accept the payments, which typically takes just a day or two, then notify Paypal that you have removed them and they will unlock your account.

If you decide to accept Paypal payments, TAEHost.com is NOT responsible for any actions which result from your decision.






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